First blog post

I started this blog/diary to rant, vent and expose secrets. Soo enjoy. I’m sick and tired of lying animals. This blog will mostly be about me sounding off on the goings on in Zimbabwe eg #bondnotes #robertmugabe etc and around the world. Follow me on Twitter @rebeccajkwa . I will share my thoughts on my favorite TV shows, movies, politics and celebrities also. I have 100% control of the message and the appearance. This is my space. l’m taking everything in stride. English is the official language here in Zimbabwe so l will be as clear as daylight.

My moral values are high and my mental strength is simply incredible. I shamelessly blow my own trumpet. I am tenacious, hardworking, inventive, fairly outgoing, rather candid, persistent, sophisticated in my own way, fun loving, very meditative, objective and creative. This blog is like a diary l write in as an outlet for emotional stress. So many people have this daily habit. At its simplest, this blog is to me a unchallengeable way of recording and decoding the world around me. Having a blog can fulfil this function for anyone, from a first year college student to a international politician. The writer perhaps begins to explore further who and what he or she is, by taking steps towards independence of thought and action. 

I once ate dead hippopotamus meat. It was undercooked and made me sick for days. I had been visiting the rural villages. The hippo was run over by a bus. It wanted to cross the main road to graze at night but ended up as road kill. No one on the bus died though. Come daylight people were sharpening their knives to carve the carcass. The accident happened close to our homestead. Typical Africans …… didn’t want to see good meat go to waste. I was eager to sink my teeth into the steak soo l quickly braaied it on the fire. It was delicious but made me sick. It was not nausea, l didn’t throw up. But l spent a long time relieving myself in the bush. Nasty, l know. I eventually recovered. 

 I also didn’t starve to death during the hyperinflation we had in Zimbabwe in 2008 after the ‘run-off’ election. Basically Robert Mugabe lost the election but did not want to give up his power. We had like a 100 trillion dollar note in circulation. You can only imagine guys. Luckily the horrible ebola outbreak did not reach us here in Southern Africa, phew. We would have been decimated. People would have died like flies. Zimbabwe is a shit hole. Ebola is a nasty ass viral disease. Really bad news.

I come from a middle class family. I grew up in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. My dream is to visit the United States of America one day. I’m sure Trump wouldn’t mind me staying for a while. The most important things in my life are having good moral values, being shown respect and getting revenge. I love gardening. I grow my wild flowers in a small patch of the garden. They are beautiful. I collected them from the bush. I enjoy working with my hands and being outdoors. I’m into rock music these days. My favorite musicians are Avril Lavigne, Pink, Nickelback, Kings of Leon and Paramore. All the people who hate on Nickelback can go to hell. Most Zimbabweans don’t ‘get’ rock music. I have always been an achiever be it in sports, academics or professionally. My motto in life is ‘Don’t get mad, get even.’ I enjoy life to the fullest. I hate liars above all else. I am who l am.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. I have pretty mundane hobbies like reading, dancing, cooking local cuisines, reading fiction novels, watching the latest movies and playing the piano. My most prized possession is my shoe collection. Over 40 pairs. I really should give up procrastinating. My best attribute is my long black hair. To me, the best smell in the world is freshly baked bread.

– Rebecca Kwangware.


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  1. Nickelback rock! I have three of their tracks on my rock-out playlist: Burn it to the Ground, Far Away, and of course, How You Remind Me (an obvious choice to some maybe but I really like it!)


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