Data overload 

I’m drowning in irrelevant e-mails, messages and ‘facts’. Enough already! Right now l’m halfway through another magazine, another blizzard of words. Then there are the e-mails, streams of Whatsapp messages, the backlog of newspapers, the 24 hour rolling news updates. I wonder, what’s really important? There is so much fake news anyways. 

The main shortcoming of today’s information culture, where data is measured by volume rather than quality, is not the availability of ‘facts’ but their lack of relevance to me. A weekday edition of a newspaper probably contains as much information as the average 17th century person would have come across in his or her entire lifetime. We are exposed to thousands of advertisements a day. My day involves hundreds of messages and e-mails. …..this deluge of information dulls the mind 😂😧😧, it makes it harder for me to apply myself to the facts that really matter. The overwhelming number of things to do simply leads to indecision and inaction.

I’m incessantly being bombarded with data via the internet, TV, newspapers. I feel like l’m wasting tym when l’m just somewhere not reading. I will go on a data fast, just turn everything off. I will rip out the magazine articles l really want to read, detaching them from the rest of the useless stuff. I will resist the urge to forward chain letters and jokes lol. They clog up my inboxes needlessly. This is the way to go. And l will resist the urge to download more apps from the playstore.


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