Me/Yours truly 

I’m all about revenge. I’m out for myself. Forever and always. To hell with everyone else! I am the only one who matters. REBECCA JULIA KWANGWARE, first of her name. Remember to make YOU happy. Do what you want and do it for yourself. I drink too much coffee and watch way too much TV. Game of Thrones is an obsession. All things considered, l love quoting GOT characters. 

I am……..

  • Strong
  • Fierce 
  •  A Killer
  • Brutal
  • Unafraid 

    More vicious than Joffrey Lannister #theinbreedcunt, when l need to be. You can only truly trust in yourself. You are the only one who has your best interests at heart. You can’t go wrong. Seeking justice and retribution is a way of life. Ruin the lives of those assholes who lie and torment innocent people. As long as they live on this earth, they are not invincible. Don’t dull your shine for someone else. Don’t ever let anyone dictate what you need to do to feel comfortable and confident in yourself.

    There is an African tradition called ubuntu ,which means “largeness of spirit.” It requires a man to show hospitality to travellers and strangers, and is still strong in some parts of Africa and not others such as South Africa. 

    “Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst” – Walter Weckler. …….this nigga didn’t know what he was on about. 

    – Rebecca Kwangware.


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