Trying to stop Procrastinating 

Procrastinating is a way of dealing with any task that’s overwhelming, frightening or just boring. The problem is that putting things off can become a default response. So, it’s better to find ways to deal with that urge before it becomes a habit. Easier said than done.

Fear of failure -or even fear of success -can be a procrastinator’s biggest enemy. Learning how to separate your sense of self-worth from your work will reduce your anxiety and allow you to be more creative. So, instead of trying to impress everyone, accept that some people will be critical of you no matter what you do. It will take the pressure off and you’ll perform better. PUT PERFECTION ON HOLD.

Just go for it. Stop the delays. Procrastination is the enemy of a productive life. I do this: l set a timer ( anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour) and l attack my task in that time frame. Doing this is a fun way to see how much l can accomplish in that set amount of time. For real.


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