My Thoughts/Predictions  on Game of Thrones Season 7 (best show ever)

Joffrey was a cunt. But Ramsey was even worse. I would have loved to see these two go up against each other. ……#battleofthecunts lol. Why is nobody trying to kill Little Finger yet……he started everything (the war of the 5 kings). And he shows no signs of repentance and only thinks of himself. Throw the guy off the rampants! I hope he gets a arrow to the throat…… l hope Sansa gets to slit his throat. She will probably make the mistake of trusting and listening to him. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t. … pun intended. Little Finger is the one in control in the Vale, not Robin. Robin will ‘fall’ through the Moon door and die just like his mother.

I dont trust the Dothraki…… l see them betraying Dany at some point. She will not let them randomly raid and pillage which is their way of life. Quite frankly they are hard to control really. One of the Dragons will most  likely die, this is Game of Thrones after all. Perhaps Drogon. The people in Westeros will not all welcome her with open arms. Which will be unfortunate since Dany is a pretty decent leader. She has come a long way. The Lords in Westeros have no honour, like Ned Stark. It will be a uphill climb for Dany, but if anyone can do it, she can. Lord Varys will help secure the much needed support she desperately needs to rule. Dany will grant the North it’s freedom in exchange for something. The North will no longer be part of the seven kingdoms. The Iron Islands have already secured their independence. Grey Worm will die fighting for his beloved Queen Daenerys. He unfortunately won’t have a happy ending with Missandei. Sad! If you thought they were going to have a happy ending, you clearly have not been paying attention. 

I like how Theon has survived though. After all that torture. He has outlived King Rob, the young wolf. Alfie Allen does a superb job ‘reeking’ it out lol. He will live till the end of the series. He has totally redeemed himself l hate to admit. His farewell to Sansa was touching after their epic escape. Euron Greyjoy and Yara might end up working together and rule Pyke as a team. Euron will join forces with Cersei in the war to come.

George RR Martin has lightning in a bottle aka #GoT. His book series is second to none.

MAD AS HATTERS ,these two. I can’t wait to see the lion sigil on Kings Landing during the intro credits of the show. It’s gonna be awesome. 

Just look at Joffrey …..evil to the core #viciousbastard. His whore mother Cersei will soon join him in the seven hells. I thoroughly enjoyed her walk of atonement #Shame y’all 😂😂 . Good times. Her plan backfired on her beautifully. I loved it . King Tommen was weak…..a weakling.  Not entirely his fault though. The writers of the show were just moving chess pieces around soo that Cersei will end up on the Iron Throne. Cersei will use fear and treachery to control the Seven Kingdoms. She is prepared to murder anyone who opposes her. Jaime’s loyalty to Cersei will be his downfall. I hope he practices his Kingslayer skills again. Cersei’s plotting always backfires one way or the other. She aint as smart as she thinks she is. I will enjoy seeing their relationship crash and well……burn. Jaime will kill Cersei. Jaime will most definitely die as he is stupid enough to stand by Cersei’s side after she caused Tommen’s suicide. But it might also be Tyrion who kills Cersei, based on the prophecy. I want Cersei to die a slow painful death. It will take some smart thinking to kill The Mountain. His death scene will be spectacular. I put my money on the Sand Snakes from Dorne to kill him. I wonder if The Mountain is still torturing Septa Unella in that little room.

Gendry is just being brought back to die. Just like Osha and Rickon. Arya is easily my favourite character. Her story is simple and straight forward. Her epic revenge crusade is inspiring & admirable. I’m definitely Team Arya Stark. l wonder if she freed her uncle Edmure Tully from the dungeons at the Twins. A Hound and Arya Reunion is hopefully on the cards. If anyone can sneak in Kings Landing and kill Cersei, it’s Arya. She will continue to work as a assassin after all the people on her list are dead. She is not ladylike at all. Jon and Sansa will be thrilled to see her again.

l don’t see Arya killing the Hound though after all their adventures together. But if she does it will be bittersweet. If she instead spares his life she will be redeemed. She doesn’t know that he still lives. She may kill the Red woman for the Gendry thing, after they meet again as Melisandre foretold………..but under what circumstances? The Red woman will doubt drone on about how Arya is destined for great things yadda yadda.

One of the 3 sand snakes will also kick the bucket most likely. One of them might kill Bronn in the wars to come…… never know. Their hostile takeover in  Dorne was epic. Hence they will kill both of Jaime and Cersei’s sidekicks. Jorah Mormont will hopefully cure his grayscale in time. He has been there for Dany since day one. He is the only person whose loyalty l don’t question on the show. He has successfully redeemed himself. But this being #GoT it’s probably too late for him and he will have to kill himself before he is turned into a senseless stoneman………sob. Can’t wait to see Podrick reunited with Tyrion. 

The  North clearly loves King Jon Snow. But the Starks still have plenty of enemies. Little Finger’s scheming doesn’t help anyone. Sansa will not betray Jon no matter how much Lord Baelish tempts her. He is always like ‘hey Sansa……. l have a idea’. That viper will most likely survive till the very end. Jon, Sansa and Arya will face complications in their plans to settle back home at Winterfell. I wish them the best but the White Walker problem ain’t going away on it’s own. Plus all the bad blood caused by Jon’s alliance with Wildlings. Jon and Dany will not get married. Jon is Dany’s nephew. Dany will embrace him when she finds out she isn’t the only Targaryan still living. This means Jon also has a claim to the lron Throne but he won’t pursue it. Lyanna Mormont is a force to be reckoned with. Dont mess with her. Does everyone in the North know about Jon’s resurrection? Did they know and still declared him King in the North. I wonder. I was surprised Ramsey didn’t bring it up when they met before the battle of the bastards. I hope Tyrion and Jon Snow have a long conversation When they met again.

I’m shipping Tormund and Brienne. Forget about Jaime.

Sam and Gilly are still doing their damn thing. I love this duo. They keep breaking barriers. Gilly is working in the citadel kitchens while Sam studies to be Maester. They will play a VERY PIVOTAL role. Either Sam or Gilly will die. Game of Thrones hates happy endings. They will save the world first though. Sam will uncover something important in his beloved books, a game changer-the secret to killing a wight. A way to win the war against the white walkers. The wall will crumble somehow, via the Night King’s magic powers. Bran will no doubt fumble and help the Night King bring the wall down. The remaining Night’s Watch at Castle Black will be killed by white walkers if they don’t escape in time. Edd will bring Bran safely to Jon and Jon will learn of his true parentage. Poor Meera has had to drag Bran’s sorry ass through the snow all this time. Bran will stop being useless. Meera will die. She will sacrifice her life for Bran. Bran will warg into the dragons during the final war.

The Night King is ruthless and sneaky. The final battle will be between Jon and the Night King and Jon will kick-ass. The dragon’s might not fare well in the cold climate of the North. The poor reptiles might freeze or starve to death. Or not. Either way they will burn those white walkers up……perhaps later on in season 8.

– Rebecca Kwangware
Note: Now that the trailer for season 7 is out, l will post another blog giving my predictions on what will happen next!


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