The Nightmare That is Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe’s death is long overdue.  He is 93 this year 2017, a walking grave. 93 not out (cricket speak). 7 runs short of a century. How’s thaaaat!!😳. His bitch wife disGrace Mugabe is a real hoot. I’m embarrassed to be a Zimbabwean, a #Zimbo #Twimbos.  When bob dies they want to refrigerate his corpse . His corpse will continue to rule, perhaps it will do a better job. They can prop him up for public appearances. What is worse – a dead Mugabe or an alive Donald Trump lol. He will travel in a refrigerated limo ….lmao. What did we do to deserve this accursed dog nxaaaa. Perhaps he will be mummified. Or pick a successor after his 120th birthday. We are suffocating because of this grandpa. Our venerable leader. (Venerable -should be dead but isn’t ). I hate his satanic ZANU-PF party. Mugabe doesn’t look like he cares about the people. Vicious dictator. Fidel Castro died last year when he was 90. Which was a good thing.

I envy Americans, at least they will be rid of Trump in 4 or 8 years. Which is awesome. Then they can complain about someone else. Thanks to good journalism and media coverage l am left with a sharp sense of the sheer buffoonery of having power and the idiocy of those who seek it and exercise it.

America is wracked by soo much hatred and frustrations. The fury of the masses was seen in #WomensMarch. It is difficult for me to despair at Trump’s Presidency though. Im sure their election was free and fair. They knew Trump was a loudmouth and p*ssy grabber beforehand. Based on my Twitter feed, Trump didn’t have a hope in hell of winning. I thought Hillary was a shoe in. Instead she lost to a man who openly insulted everyone, had zero experience, and had every speech filled with lies! A lot of people thought she had it in the bag. I mean ,who runs against Trump and loses. She was smug and reality slapped her silly. Hillary lost a election she was supposed to easily win. I even suspected that democrats orchestrated Trumps nomination to ensure Hillary’s victory. I see America’s seemingly endless capacity for enmity now. These sore losers tend to forget that others have more pressing problems. Like a 93yr old President who wants his corpse to rule after he kicks the bucket. Lucky us here in Zimbabwe right. Poor babies, still crying yourselves to sleep because the old hag didn’t win and OblowMe got evicted from the People’s House. Haha. 

Despite more daily inappropriate tweets than one can shake a stick at,a possibly Russian-hacked election, the loss of all three debates, and his opponent winning almost 3 million more ballots in the popular vote, Celebrity Apprentice host and businessman Donald J.Trump is the 45th president of the United States. It doesn’t get weirder than that.

There are bitter divisions within America because of whiny sore losers. Trump will be gone after 4 or 8 years hoorah for you. Stop the temper tantrums. Cheer up ☺. It could be soo much worse. “Democracy is a system that gives people a chance to elect rascals of their own choice”  Doug Larson. Mugabe has made himself President-for-life.

“If l am Hitler, then this Hitler has only sought justice for his people, the sovereignty of his people, recognition for his people and their right over their resources.” -Robert Mugabe, responding to critics who have compared him to the German dictator for his harsh repression of political opponents and support for thugs. Mugabe has destroyed our once prosperous country. 

He who shall not be named is always off to another country. Is this guy doing piece jobs in other countries so as to keep Zimbabwe afloat? As long as the old man is the president……..suffer continue. He is no longer functional ,like seriously, he needs to rest and await his fast approaching judgement day. In Zimbabwe we dont have any political party who can challenge Mugabe’s Zanu-pf right now. I think a coalition party is better than to split votes because even with coalition our chances are slim to remove Zanu-pf totaly. Because they rig,rig,rig.

Briefcase opposition parties who don’t hold rallies are a nuisance and a hindrance but being a member of the opposition feels illegal in Zimbabwe. Sad!
Most ruthless terrorist organisations:

ISIS – Syria, Iraq

Alshabab – Somalia

Bokoharam – Nigeria 

Alqaeda – Afghanistan

ZANU-PF – Zimbabwe

SADC was instrumental in stealing our future after the ‘re-run’ of 2008 and today the regional body is just but a toothless bull dog. Zanu-PF knew people had had enough after the free and fair election of 2008. MDC (opposition party) won because the election was free and fair. The ‘run-off’ was violent because Zanu-PF had lost the election. It took them forever to release the results in 2008 which led to the ‘run-off’. The voting process during the initial election was mostly free and fair but counting and release,not soo much. It took then a month to release the results. SADC is afraid of Mugabe. In Gambia, if it was not for Ecowas, Jamey was not going to vacate office, on our Zimbabwe issue l blame SADC not Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC Leader).

Mugabe’s Zanu refused to release the results and started to crush people, what did anyone expect Tsvangirai to do. It took many years also for Mugabe’s Zanu to come in power back in 1980…..the fact that Tsvangirai once won and was denied victory by Zanu gives us hope. Tsvangirai is not a failure! That 2008 election was free and fair. Mugabe realized that if he didn’t use violence and scare tactics he will be finished. The opposition won fair and square. Who in their right mind would vote for a 94 year old in next year’s election? He goes to Singapore to get his frail body looked after. Our country’s health system is messed up because of him. His pathetic lackeys lie that he is resting his old eyes at conferences and not sleeping because he is protecting them from ‘bright lights’. A new excuse for sleeping on the job. If anything …..Mugabe is so hated in his own country that he gets no sleep from fearing for his life. The bootlicking spokesman might as well tell us the eagle doesn’t catch the fish to eat it but rather to save it from ‘drowning ‘. What kind of fuckery is this. This motherfucker may have died 3 days ago but they will keep telling people he is doing fine.

Everyone in Zanu PF is a coward incapable of telling Robert Mugabe to quit as he is now clearly old, and clearly incapable of dispensing his duties. There is absolutely no defense for putting a 93 year old man to the punitive job of President with its rigorous and exhausting demands which will suck the life out of a very old man who requires assistance in simple things like walking and planting a tree.President Mugabe has reached a stage where he can’t do anything. He’s finished. The old man is way past his rest time.
“Zimbabwe’s situation is bad. President Mugabe cannot even control a spade,” -Julius Malema
“We say this out of love, not because we hate him. We celebrate Mugabe, we celebrate what he has done. But grandpa it’s enough,” -Julius Malema 
“But the truth will never be told in Zanu PF because nothing is more feared there than the truth. The truth would mean waking Zanupf from its dreams, fictitious dreams which everyone is required to believe in. The truth is reality and reality in Zanupf is a creation of Zanu PF’s enemies. Whoever speaks in realistic language becomes a sellout who could wake others from blissful dreams in which poverty is empowerment and misery inspires celebratory whistling and ululation.

When people are afraid, truth becomes more rare than diamonds. People living in fear hide the truth and hide from the truth, lest they be made to pay for contact with it. If someone in Zanupf stood up and told Mr Mugabe it’s time to do the right thing and step down, there is no guarantee others would stand up and support them in the truth, even though they would be thinking the exact same thing.

That brave someone would find himself or herself being attacked left, right and center by people who share his or her thinking that Mr Mugabe should step down.

One brave man or woman would be attacked by thousands of cowards. Cowards attack only in great numbers but by themselves they are nothing but chicken droppings. A man like Solomon Mujuru would ask “Mr Mugabe, when will you go”? right to his face as the cowards looked like shy school girls being proposed to. If one man stood up and supporting voices were heard, Mr Mugabe would panic.”-Stanley Goreraza 

“Hopelessness in the people — no hope of a free election to change leaders, no hope of fairness in court, no hope of a life lived with the freedom to speak your mind or challenge a bad idea.” -Frank Warner

– Rebecca Kwangware 


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