Fake Prophets rampant in Zimbabwe 

Zimbabwe probably has the highest population of prosperity “Prophets” in Africa even though it is now the second poorest country in the world. The poverty stricken people of Zimbabwe are obsessed with false prophets and spiritual Fathers.

When we go to church we take our bibles, tithe money and hymn books but let us not forget to take our brains with us. Going to church shouldn’t turn you into a retard. Use your God given mind to think for yourself. Praying at home is far better. There is too much heresy, eish! Zimbabweans have entered a desperation mode because of poverty. Desperate for miracles from Emoneywell Mercandiwa.

“Miracles popping like popcorn! Papa!” A certain Prophet Sanyangore picked up his phone in church and spoke to God. Apparently God was online. All l can say is he should have placed God on loudspeaker! These fraudsters parade as men of God. If there were no tithes all these “Phrofits” would be looking for work at the industries. It’s now a black circus of religion. You enter the church building with money and leave it there thinking it will lead to your breakthrough.

Millions of Zimbabweans abandon their minds in the name of Church /God. Prophets tell their gullible followers to sow seeds (in the form of money) so that they will be blessed. Zimbos will be promised big breakthroughs, cars, houses, businesses, promotions etc. Everyone will be all hyped up for nothing. Now the sad thing is these gullible followers are promised the very same thing year in year out. No breakthroughs! No miracles! But they will still go for fresh anointing. Is this not some mental illness?

Prosperity false prophet, Uebert Angel resorted to having Porn Star Ray J as his guest of honor at his CrossOver all night service just to pull the crowds. Ray J is the Black American who made Kim Kardashian rich and famous (through a sex tape) whilst being the loser in the end. Now Uebert Angel thinks it’s something worth bragging about that Ray J was a guest of honor at his Crossover night service.

Zimbabwe’s biggest Spiritual Father Ezekiel Guti has promised his millions of followers that 2017 is the year of “Having and not giving back what you already have”, whatever that means. Another Zimbabwean False Prophet Eugene Makore who is always bragging on Facebook about his flashy cars has asked people to sow a seed (money) so that they receive their 2017 breakthroughs. The breakthroughs even come in packages, gold, silver, bronze, and platinum. These packages are according to how much money you give of course. With the platinum package, you get a chance to speak to Eugene Makore directly on the phone, which is supposed to be a “blessing”. Gospelprenurship at its best.

If you think Eugene Makore is barking mad, wait for this. Father of all false prophets in Africa Emmanuel Makandiwa is promising even bigger financial miracles and breakthroughs. The gullible followers are being told to pay as much as $7000 for bigger blessings….SMH. False Prophet Walter Magaya is still promising his blind followers ever elusive prosperity. Walter Magaya is, by the way, the spiritual son of TB Joshua who was humiliated in November 2016 after giving a false prophecy that Hillary Clinton would win the USA presidential elections. Prophet Magaya introduced anointing oil that can resurrect the dead once. Crazy af.

Zimbabweans make these “Men of God” millionaires. 2017 won’t be a year of breakthroughs or whatever stupid themes your “Prophets” promises you. Until black people are able to think for themselves and take a risk in entering into new areas, they will continue to be impoverished hence a nitch market for self-styled Prophets to be richer.

Another scenario. Congregates scrambled to buy nails which reportedly had healing power from their leader, Prophet Ephias Jengeta resulting in the highest bidder getting them for US$100 each. The nails initially sold for US$3 before the price shot to US$100. “The nails started selling at US$3 but the demand saw the prices getting to US$50 and up to US$100 with people scrambling to have one. The nails were said to have healing powers and each time the nail was hit against something, its owner would manifest. Zvipikiri zvairoverwa pamadziro vanhu vachibuda madhimoni,”-said a eyewitness. Prophet Jengeta who leads Family Worship Terbanacle Ministries International Church which is based in Highfield, Harare is running a shameless money making gimmick.

The dude said  “People should understand that the power of the Lord is free but what carries the power to the people is not for free. We were praying for the nail but the number was less than the number of congregants and they themselves started bidding,” & “The service was dubbed Marine Spirit Vomit My Money, and we are happy with the testimonies we are getting. People were delivered from different ailments and up to now we are getting messages from people demanding the nails.”
Prophet Jengeta once grabbed headlines for a ‘heatwave’ miracle for warmth after his congregants complained of cold weather at a church service. SMDH!!! Prophet kutengesa zvipikiri kutsvaga kurarama because mabasa hakuna. Vacho vari kutenga kutsvaga luck vachiti pamwe zvinhu zvichaita bho.

Zvipikiri, cooking oiri ,zvibage, magaka, mvura, mahandkachief,sewer water, mwana in 3 days etc. Oh boy 😮 

– Rebecca Kwangware.



  1. You ignorant fool; I don’t know about your Zimbabwean so-called Prophets (I’m not in the position to judge), but I will not keep quiet about TB Joshua; what do you mean he was “humiliated”. The problem with you is that you too far from God that you have no idea how God speaks in parable; and regarding Hillary Clinton…there were many unspoken words, his body language said it all. Have you not read in the Bible when Jonah prophesied of the imminent destruction of Niniveh, and God changed his mind after the people prayed and repented? The man of God said that Hillary’s “boat would be rocky…”and the people of God prayed that she would not pass….check the follow-up. And just for the record, TBJoshua has never come up to anñounce that Prophet Magaya is his “son”. Everyone can say anything to sell their Ministry. Stop blaspheming, because no one has called you in the Ministry of judging “men of God”. You want to be a successful journalist, chose another field and leave that one alone for your own sake. Have you ever read of “touch not my anointed?” Be warned!!!


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