Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

So the long awaited trailer was finally released. I have already watched it a bunch of times. So this is what l caught in the trailer and more of my predictions.For season 7 we will see 7 episodes instead of 10. Season 8 will have 6 FINAL episodes of the entire series. So we have a total of 13 left, which is a total of about 13 hours. We have waited months to see 7 more hours. And will have to wait for too long for the final 6 hours next freaking year. It would be better to just give us the whole 13 hours left of the show in one go and be done with it. I mean for fucks sake!!! Seven hells.

OK my little Lords. Fear really is for the winter and now that winter is finally here…be very afraid. If you think there is a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention to the show. This season will kill off some of our favourite characters. 

Grey Worm and Missandei are up to no good. They are doing the sex. Crazy kids. “Just because a eunuch does not have a man’s parts does not mean he does not have a man’s heart” – somber line from the books, about what enslaved robots the unsullied were. Grey Worm will die for sure later on in the season. Perhaps he will die to save Missandei or Dany. Things are going too well for him. Grey Worm is looking fine in his unsullied armor. He now sports a silver dragon sigil like the other members of Team Dany. It’s incredibly exciting and satisfying to see the action kick into high gear. Unsullied soldiers pour into Casterly Rock (the Lannister family seat). Grey Worm also dives into the action at Casterly Rock. He’s masked but you can see his unique dragon pin on his uniform. Killing Lannister soldiers like nobody’s business. The combat between the Lannisters and unsullied will be epic. We’re going to finally see the unsullied actually fight like we’ve been told they can fight.

The Dothraki do some impressive horse surfing. There are no seasick and weak Dothraki horde issues! The Dothraki were looking on point in the trailer, leaping from their horses. Yaaaaaas! Dothraki screamers will trample on Lannister men. They should teach Jon how to horse surf too. Looking forward to the action. Cowabunga! Jaime and Bronn won’t know what hit them. The dragons have grown so big. Lannisters look like they’re getting their asses handed to them, and I’m not mad at that. The Dothraki are going to town on Lannister soldiers with their arakhs. This is officially the season for killing Lannister men. Finally, as we see in the very last scene, what’s a battle without a dragon? The Dothraki ride with Drogon at their back, in an incredible, spine-tingling shot. Effing BIG dragons! AND Lannisters being slaughtered left right and centre! If the dragons get hurt I don’t know whether I can watch the show anymore. The direwolves were almost too much for me; now I have to worry about the dragons. One of the dragons will die though.

Melisandre was last seen being exiled from Winterfell, l see her standing on Dragonstone, watching a group of people walk up the stairs. It makes absolute sense that Melisandre would go to Dragonstone once she was sent away from Winterfell since Dragonstone is the only home in Westeros that she knows. She will offer her services to Daenerys. Dany will take her under her wing as Melisandre will convincingly prove how handy she can be. Lord Varys will NOT be amused. He hates black magic and he will caution Dany against taking the red woman’s advice.

Arya will throw a spanner in the works for everyone. She is now stronger and also very angry. She does not want anyone to know she was responsible for the Massacre at the Twins. Will she confide in Jon or Sansa? Jon and Sansa will be reunited with Arya at some point. Arya is traveling alone in Westerosi territory. Clearly Arya is managing just fine, looking clean and healthy, with a horse and a satchel. Arya is unbothered, camping her way through Westeros. She looks clean and not miserable, so I like it! Nymeria will reunite with Arya in the woods. Her long lost dire wolf. A girl will slit more throats yet. Wait and see. Arya sleeping at an inn where she meets Hotpie is a real possibility. I’m glad Arya is looking great,well equipped, determined…maybe a little nervous in that last camping pic?? Is she nearing home??

Our new King Jon Snow is with Sansa, Brienne and his roomful of followers during his coronation. But don’t enjoy the coronation for too long- Littlefinger is up to his usual tricks, sowing discord between the Starks, as we see Petyr leering at Sansa. Littlefinger: “Your father and brothers are gone yet here you stand, last best hope against the coming storm”  he is talking to Jon not Sansa. Probably while they are in the crypts. Littlefinger: if he ain’t creepin, he ain’t awake. Sansa will kill the snake Little Finger as soon as possible. He is trying to turn her against Jon most likely. Evil bastard. Little Finger is more like Middle Finger. We see Jon lashing out at someone in the crpts, obviously Little Finger. He grabbed that fuckers throat for what he did to Sansa. Jon choke-slamming Littlefinger in the crypts of Winterfell is satisfying. He must exile the evil bastard. Don’t leave Baelish alone with Sansa. I have a strong feeling I’m going to get pretty pissed with Littlefinger’s actions this season. Friend close, enemies closer my ass! Someone has to off that dude! Jon will block Little Finger from strategy meetings with his war council. I wouldn’t mind seeing Littlefinger dangling by the neck from the walls of Winterfell. He is a nasty little git who thoroughly deserves whatever unpleasant end is being reserved for him. Little Finger is looking for a way to marry Sansa. He is obssessing over her just like he did her mother. Her rejection will break him.

We also see the gate of the Wall rising- who will be passing beneath? We see panicked men running beyond the Wall, it’s Jon and Tormund Giantsbane with a group of wildlings. They probably went beyond the wall because of Bran. When you’re running in the far North on Game of Thrones, there’s usually only one thing behind you: the dead. Racing across a frozen landscape looks exhilarating. My worst fear is white walkers taking over the Iron Throne. Stop them Jon!!! Hodor didn’t hold the door for nothing. Bran will save everyone. Bran was marked by the Night King. When Bran passes the wall, the White Walkers and their army of the dead will also be able to do so. Bran will make things worse before he makes then better. Bran will warg into one of the dragons and save the day. In the banquet hall at Winterfell, Team Jon discuss the imminent threat of the White Walkers and what to do about it. Jon Snow insists they need to start mining obsidian, the only material known to kill White Walkers besides Valyrian steel coz ‘Dragonglass kills White Walkers, and it’s now more valuable than gold.’

We see Jorah’s stone hand reaching out to someone. Oh Jorah. He will be healed though. That horrifying greyscaled arm could only belong to Jorah Mormont. His arm is protruding from a cell door, as though he’s in quarantine.

Dany is in Dragonstone, where she was born. The Targaryen queen has returned to her ancestral home and birthplace. This will be an incredible emotional moment for Daenerys as she finally comes home after a lifetime of wandering and searching. The Dragon Queen returning to the home she left behind when she was too young to remember. Daenerys Targaryen: “I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And I will.” We see Daenerys on her throne inside Dragonstone. Daenerys and Tyrion view the Painted Table in Dragonstone, with all the sigil markers in place. Plotting their next move on the best way to pry King’s Landing from Cersei Lannister’s grip. On the Painted Table, Tyrion has fun with his new toys, and knocks down the Lannister lion. Symbolism: not subtle, but it works.

Uncle Euron Greyjoy will also burn Yara’s fleet. A Great Sea War is also on its way, some refreshing naval combat. Most likely Euron attacking Yara’s fleet obviously. We see a shaking Theon Greyjoy facing a fiery battle. There is a terrific explosion on the water. We see Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand kissing. Yara should be careful she doesn’t get poisoned from poison laced lips. Remember it’s Ellaria so I’m assuming she’s trying to kill someone!! Watch out for the lipstick, Yara! “Look how progressive we are for having girls kissing!” -grosss. I bet Yara and Ellaria were just distracted before uncle Euron showed up. I guess Ellaria and Yara could end up sharing a cell for a while after they are captured by Euron and delivered to Cersei. Yara and two of the Sandsnakes will be captured and paraded in Kingslanding.

The reigning Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is justifiably paranoid:”Enemies to the east…enemies to the west…enemies to the south…enemies to the north. Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it. We’re the last Lannisters, the last ones who count.” This bitch is toast. Cersei, Jaime and Bronn will burn under Drogon’s fire breath. I hope Tyrion doesn’t betray Dany to save Jaime’s sorry ass. Jaime’s sick loyalty to Cersei will seal his own doom. The Mountain has new armour. Is he still torturing Septa Unella? Cersei has a brand new map room, for scheming in. One trick up her sleeve is devising a weapon to kill dragons with. She will test it on old dragon skulls first. She will not go quietly into the night. Defiant to the bitter end.


We have the Onion Knight talking sense as usual. Davos: “If we don’t put aside our enmities, and band together we will die. And then it doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.” It was Tyrion’s trick with the wild fire during the battle of the Blackwater that killed his son. Soo will he still be preaching peace and love when he comes face to face with the dwarf. l bet Nooot!!! Ellaria Sand does hate Lannisters and won’t like working with Tyrion. Also Tyrion will no doubt know what Ellaria Sand did to Myrcella. Now that Ellaria is a Targaryen loyalist, it’s gonna be DELICIOUSLY AWKWARD!  Perhaps the Queen of Thorns,Olenna, will find some snarky way to apologize for letting Tyrion take the fall for Joff’s poisoning? Or she will keep that tit bit to herself and just compliment Tyrion on his crossbow skills…almost everyone on Daenerys’ side have no reason to trust each other at all. It seems like it would be so easy to cause a rift within their ranks simply by bringing up the past…Tyrion was framed for regicide by Olenna….Ellaria killed Myrcella…Tyrion is a Lannister and the Lannisters have caused more than enough hardships for the Tyrells…Varys hates magic and Melisandre is on Dragonstone. Hence they’re killing off Olenna and the Sand Snakes and Ellaria as soon as possible. Jon and Dany will come to a agreement and pulverize the Lannisters and White Walkers and get married or not.

Jon Snow caps it offs by warning, “The Great War is here.”

It is, lm ready for it after this trailer. It’s still hard to believe that something this epic in its scope and ambition airs on television. The stage is set for a war… a war for which the White Walkers must be licking their desiccated lips. Everyone is itching to kill each other. Seven blessings to ya.

Valar Morghulis


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