Princess Diana: Great Icon. Part 2

The hated paparazzi killed Princess Diana. The press’s seedy underbelly. She died after a high speed chase while being pursued by press photographers. She had the life crushed out of her in a horrific motor accident. She met her dreadful end in a murky Paris underpass. Those photographers with their cameras pressed in on the windscreen of the shattered car to catch her last breath. 

“Every proprietor and every editor of every publication that paid for intrusive and exploitative photographs of her, encouraging greedy and ruthless individuals to risk everything in pursuit of Diana’s image, has blood on his hands.”

– Lord Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother. 

The mainstream media spent the first hours after Diana’s death scrambling in hypocritical haste to distance themselves from the obnoxious paparazzi lowlifes whose very existence the Establishment press has nurtured and sponsored over the years, they are to all intents and purposes one and the same thing. There would be no paparazzi  if there were not newspapers, magazines and TV stations prepared to publish or broadcast their work. Guilt belonged to everyone in the press; not just some unsavoury subspecies of the trade. Paparazzi are jackals squabbling around the wreckage and misery of private and public tragedy. 

No-one but a fool would suggest that the press is either blameless or perfect. We need to pass laws to curb the activities of these bastard offspring of the mainstream media. Photographers pursued Diana and are responsible for the 190km/h crash that killed her. Apparently early broadcasts spoke repeatedly of a “high-speed chase” and the fact that Diana’s vehicle was being “pursued “by photographers on motorbikes. Only a bodyguard survived the crash. The car plunged into a narrow, concrete-buttressed passageway at a speed approaching 200 kilometres an hour. It is perfectly possible that one of the flashguns of the pursuing paparazzi, blinded the driver at a crucial moment, causing him to lose control of the car as it entered the subway.

Our genuine sense of shock and baffled outrage were also heightened by the manner of Diana’s death. We were devastated by the brutal, sudden, unexpected finality of it. After all, royals aren’t supposed to die in violent, bloody car crashes. Diana simply wasn’t supposed to die in so squalid and dehumanizing a fashion; she was supposed to have spent another 25 years in public life before retiring from the limelight to grow old gracefully and play beloved Queen Mum to her son, the King of England. That Diana was cheated of this just reward for her services to the people means that the rest of us feel cheated as well.

– Rebecca Kwangware. 


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