Speak up for your damn self.

Talking is therapeutic. It helps one clarify one’s thoughts when no one else will listen. I did not speak up often enough to voice my opinions in the past. I am sorry l did not speak up more for people to hear my voice. I’ve always believed what l was told, which proved to be a lie most of the time. I deeply regret this fear on my own part.

The reason we don’t talk to real people in real time is because we perceive that they are not listening or will give us a very impractical or unhelpful answer to real problems. Phone calls are therapeutic. Letters are therapeutic. Talking face to face is therapeutic, and blogging can also be therapeutic. And yes, you have to be wise about who you share with, but that’s not the issue here. Most humans aren’t like some articles make them out to be. Finding out that others feel and think as you do and that you are not ‘nuts’ or ‘weird’ or ‘off base’ all the time, is very therapeutic. It is a wise man in this day and age that has close friends and good counsellors. It’s the people who will not listen to any voices but the ones in their own heads that you have to be careful about. 

– Rebecca Kwangware.


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