Trump is great

I still can’t believe that Donald Trump is President of the United States. The Donald done did it. The twice divorced father of 5 kids with 3 different women? What Trump gets up to is no skin off my nose. We have our own nightmare to deal with here named Robert Mugabe. Americans need to get off the gas pedal of criticism. And stop obsessing over the size of Trump’s cock. It’s so unbecoming. Trump was a total outsider. He never held a political office like governor or anything before. He simply had a dream to be president and he made that dream come true. The outsider with zero political experience. The anti-Trump propaganda machine failed. I think he won cause he was the funnier of the two. Trump ‘s reliance on digital media and political novices also may have helped him win.

The 2016 election showed that many people, especially conservatives, will read and share all sorts of content, no matter how preposterous it may be, if it upholds their worldview. Remember the Pizzagate scandal, which was totally fake.
You deserve Trump, Americans, and now you have no idea what to do about him. You want to impeach him before he finishes his first term. President Pence does have a nice ring to it though. Y’all knew he was a p*ssy grabber before you went to vote. We all heard the tapes. You had one job!! … vote for Hillary. We girls should run the world. Yet A ENTIRE SECTION of the American electorate voted Trump……..millions of individuals. So are millions in America racist and out of their mind? Trump had the odds stacked against him. He earned his victory. He just loves calling opponents ‘losers’ &’lightweights’. He is a great Commander-in-tweet. Or Tweeter-in-chief if you prefer.

Americans kneel before the power of Donald Trump’s bad comb over. His presidency has Americans at each others throats. I have a front row seat to this funny show. His approval ratings are …..well, sad. Hollywood fears and hates him. They didn’t want to perform at his inauguration. Right after Trump’s triumph, Americans were soooo stressed, terrified and shocked and acted out. They had just put a pussy-grabber in the Oval. I bet most of the protesters didn’t even bother to vote. I’m looking at you Women’s March…tsk tsk tsk. When James Comey told Congress that the FBI will be looking into the private e-mail server of Hillary Clinton, he created an environment which lead to Trump being elected. Trump had nothing do to with that. 11 days before the election a ethical cloud hung over poor Hillary’s campaign. Clinton knows it contributed greatly to her losing. The decisive reason Trump won could easily be Comey’s investigation…and that perv, Wiener. The Russia thing rings false to me. There isn’t a smidgen of evidence. 

– Rebecca Kwangware.


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