I feel so weird, l feel so strange                                                           l don’t think l fit in at this stage

I don’t know if l ever will

Yet l ponder still
How can people be so fearless of the unknown?

When it’s the unknown to which fear l have always shown…

How can people claim to be confused, yet know who they are?

When l stare at the sky, wishing on a star.
Standing in a crowded place

Having to show my face

I try to be what people want me to be

Yet the true me, only l can see…
I’m not sure of who or what l am

I’m not that smart, and I’m not all ‘glam’.

I’m in fear of liars, as l don’t hesitate to punish them
My senses are out of control

My direction in life hasn’t taken it’s toll
Even though my understanding seems so far…

I think it’s best to leave things as they are.


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