Chess newbie 

I’ve just started playing chess some weeks ago. Just for fun. I had never played the board game before. It’s pretty lit. I had always looked down on it and decided to give it a try.

Well…no other game is soo maddeningly ‘simple’ – a child will need only a few minutes to learn how the pieces move – and yet chess is so beautifully complex, so mesmerizing. I loved it. The battle is aslo utterly solitary : my wits against yours. May the best man win. Yikes. I do anything to outsmart my adversaries though. I have plenty of wins under my belt aready. And some devastating defeats I’d rather forget.

The more, as a player, l advance into the game, the deeper becomes the involvement of my ego. I don’t wanna lose!!! I see why for the professional player, losing to someone whom they regard as less able than themselves is an intolerable affront, a tragedy that can tie the stomach in knots. Ugh!!!! Horrible. 

There are such razor’s-edge risks involved. The slightest imprecision – one tiny move to one tiny square – and the house all comes tumbling down. Oh noooo. Chess is definitely more than a game. It is a confrontation of wills that at the highest levels is closer to Armageddon than recreation. So freaking intense. 

l’ve learned it is common for masters to cogitate 30 minutes or more on a single move. Crazy. All serious chess is clocked. There is a mystical force to those 64 squares and 32 pieces. Oooooh. The only goal in chess is to prove your superiority over the other guy really. That’s all. Proving that you are the top dog.

Chess is a game that also includes calculation. It draws its excitement mainly in the confrontation of two living wills, each one baring its character as they go spinning off into the possibilities of a game that is so complex. No one can even count the number of different combinations possible. Apparently there are quadrillions of ways to play the first 10 moves alone. My head explodes.

The mental gymnastics of chess often sap the mind and spirit as much as they exalt the memory. Chess is becoming one of my favourite games, which l plan to totally excel at. I’m be a master in no time.


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