I am my own person

Everyone says that they don’t like dressing, acting, talking or walking like everyone else, or they try to convince themselves that they are ‘unique‘ but they still continue to pretend to be someone they’re not. I mean really. I’m not like that.

You probably dress the way you do because everyone else dresses that way, but do you really like wearing those types of clothes? Is the music you listen to really what you want your ears to hear? I shamelessly listen to pop rock music……Avril Lavinge, Paramore, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, even some Nickelback……the works. This is not the typical local Zimbabwean music, but l don’t give a hoot. l loathe the local sungura music. It’s hogwash. You’ve got your own personality and you shouldn’t try to be different from who you are just to fit in. To hell with the haters.

Be your own person and be proud of it! Take care of yourself first. Dress the way you do because you really like it, even if you don’t wear the coolest trends on the market. The important thing to remember is to always do whatever it takes to feel comfortable in your own skin and if you want to change something about yourself, let it be your own choice! Don’t worry kuti nhingi anofungei. Do you.


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