l can and l BLOODY WILL!

Life has it’s hills and it’s valleys,

It’s a long and twisting road,

There are battles to be conquered. 

Where seeds of doubt have been sowed,

When we see a high hill before us,

We may think it’s way too high,

And we wonder if we can make it,

And should we even try 

And then l hear God’s still, small voice,

It comes from deep within,

“You can do this, my child,

And this time you will win!”

My heart leaped with assurance,

I can and l will!

Nothing can stop me,

From climbing this hill!

It may be the highest hill,

That l will ever climb,

I know l will do it this time!

And with God’s love and protection, 

Which covers me,

I will have the strength and courage, 

That keeps us from a nasty fall.

My wisdom and dedication,

Leads to sweet victory at last.

I will remain steadfast

I savor my vengeance 

At last


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