When Errthing is Going Against You

​”When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind , not with it”  

– Henry Ford

When everything is going smoothly, you feel like nothing can stop you.

The true test of success comes when you run up against challenges, or people who put roadblocks in your path. Which of course sucks. How do you handle them? Don’t let setbacks get you down. Studying successful people will show you what they did to overcome challenges. Don’t let nothing stop you from doing your thing. 

Apparently when Beethoven was 26 years old, he started experiencing hearing problems, which later led to total deafness. Yet Beethoven went on to compose some of his greatest works after his hearing loss. Wow. That is real grit. If it was me, l would probably have thrown in the towel. He had a strong passion for music, and even though everything seemed to be going against him, he showed tremendous determination to overcome his challenge and fulfill his desire to compose. 

There is nothing more motivational to me than setting up someone I hate to fail. It’s thrilling to put them through hell. Why? Simple. THEY DESERVE IT. They didn’t have any qualms with torturing me so it’s my turn to have some fun. I have a passion for vengeance. I’m now quite adept at it. Nothing makes me happier.  🙂


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