I prefer living in the city.

The difference between the city and the country is that there are far more people around you in the city. This means more congestion and chaos, but it also means that you have the luxury of choosing your friends and the option of ignoring your neighbours. Which is super awesome coz some people are a real pain in the ass. And best avoided. 

A village in the country is like a lifeboat; you’re stuck with one another. You must come to terms with people of different outlooks and values, people who, in a city, you might ignore. The chick next door may be a bitch, but you have to deal with her because your house and hers are soo close together. And when your pump breaks down you’ll go to her for water. You have no freaking choice. Which is a real bummer. 

The good news and the bad news about village life are the same: you become intimately involved with the lives of other people. Hopefully they are not insufferable idiots. 


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