Africa kinda sucks.

I hate that Africa is well known for it’s poverty. We have plenty of resources but we are unable to harness them for our own benefit. What is it with black people. Why can’t we prosper like Europe. 

I hate the British for what they did to us. I wanna spew sooo many expeletives right now. Back in the day they thought they had the right to take black people’s land and resources. They thought it was theirs for the taking. So they colonized our continent. I blame Robert Mugabe on them. All his paranoia about ‘imperialists’. He is scarred for life. He was in the liberation struggle against racist whites, and now the 93 year old asshole thinks he owns us life. I wish we could go back to white rule. At least the country was being developed. All we had to deal with was racist British people. The British thought Zimbabwe was their country to do with as they please. 

There were certain streets black people were not allowed to walk along in the capital city. Motherfuckers. Those white bitches had some nerve.

But unfortunately Zimbabwe belongs to us blacks now. It’s a shit hole. The infrastructure left by the whites is still in use. Hardly any development happened after independence in 1980. Perhaps if the whites had ruled us until the mid nineties, we would have been further ahead.

Africa sucks. lt is a strange irony that the tiny scuttling, whizzing and squirming creatures of the African landscape pose a far more serious threat to human wellbeing than the most majestic of our continent’s tusked, horned and clawed beasts. Your body is a banquet, a maternity home and a creche for a range of tiny creatures. I light my mosquito coil in my bedroom to protect myself this season. The fumes from the coil kill all the mosquitoes. Some stupid American dentist killed Cecil, the Zimbabwean lion. What a joke. Seeing the world’s reaction was hilarious. Hollywood Celebrities made sure that they got all the misery right. Pathetic. 


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