I am pro Euthanasia.

Just imagine the joy and relief of a patient when a agonizing life or an existence totally lacking in quality is ended with dignity and calm. By whose standards do we determine the sense of suffering? I would never allow myself to suffer extreme pain from cancer. I would have no problem with people stopping my life support system, if there is no hope. Euthanasia is excellent in ‘vegetable’ cases. If life support machinery is scarce, it must be used for people with better chances. 

If l owned a sick dog, l would never wait until their eyes were in the back of their heads and one could count their ribs before l had it euthanized. Once quality of life becomes such that it becomes hopeless to continue, l would let it go with dignity. If l ever become terminally ill and miserable in old age, l will do it for myself. I would hate to be kept alive by a machine.



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