Shameless self service.

Every morning l pass through a mini shopping centre here in Masvingo on my way to and from town on foot. The whole shopping centre has been cursed with a spate of break ins. But one specific case has puzzled me about my fellow black people. 

The former trading store found there was burgled twice. After the second time, the poor owners decided to pack up and leave. They took away most of their merchandise and personal belongings but before they could return to finish up, vandals gained entrance again and cleared up for them. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL.

Since the owners have left and the shop has been left empty – thieves have been returning every night to scavenge. The burglar bars were ripped from the wall. The geyser suffered a similar fate. Shelving slowly but steadily disappeared. Someone even climbed into the ceiling to steal who knows what. 

The taps were taken. Even the “For Sale” sign vanished. Numerous other items were taken – yet even this didn’t stop the marauders. Someone broke into the backyard and removed the outlet pipes from the drain, then somehow proceeded to steal the entire toilet. 

All l can say is the actions of this community leave much to be desired. Imagine if we all put “Private Property” signs on our garbage. Our ‘civilised’ nation would have a free refuse removal service!!!

The Zimbabwean motto is “What’s yours is mine”  😦



  1. Stories like this are common in the USA as well. Especially in the larger cities. Recently during hurricane Irma there were stories of people looting businesses that were closed because of the storm. These have to be the lowest of low – people who will take advantage of others in times of crises.

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  2. That’s the irony of life. Lazy people always long to reap where they did not sow.
    But whatever they do they can only take the material asset and not the intellectual asset that produces the material assets.
    So we keep moving and keep acquiring more, while they take care of our lerftovers.

    Nice post👍

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