Old Nan

“Fear is for the Long Night, when the sun hides for years and children are born and live and die, all in darkness. That is the time for fear, my little lord, when the White Walkers move through the woods. Thousands of years ago there came a night that lasted a generation. Kings froze to death in their castles, same as the shepherds in their huts. And women smothered their babies rather than see them starve, and wept and felt the tears freeze on their cheeks.”

I am not looking forward to this stupid “Great War” they keep harping on about. Who cares about undead wight zombies. They have zero motive. I just wanted to see Cersei get her ass handed to her. But instead Team Dany is busy pandering to that crazy hoe. Ugh!!!! Cersei and Euron are winning artificially with a lot of plot armour, it is not good storytelling…..propping Cersei up so artificially just undermines the whole narrative. They got my hopes up by making Dany too powerful…… then they picked off her allies one by one. Morons. The girl had 3 big ass dragons, a legion of unsullied soldiers, a horde of dothraki screamers, allies and a huge armada. Now it turns out she is not the rightful heir to the Iron throne anyways. She is the one who should bend the knee to Jon Snow…the king in the north. The only thing I’m looking forward to is Euron and Cersei’s wedding. Hahaha……..crazy kids. Dany should have gone full dragon on Cersei. She shouldn’t fight her fire and blood impulses. 

Dany not wanting to use her dragons at first seems like a plot device to give Cersei a fighting chance. I get her not wanting to “nuke” Westeros with her pets….but for fuck’s sake. She is the only contender in this war with air power which she should have used from the get go in Westeros. Her taking the Iron Throne should not be that much of a struggle. Now we are going to see her lose a major chunk of unsullied and dothraki soldiers in the fight against the Night King. Unbelievable. Give 3 dragons to Arya or Lyanna Mormont and they would have been on the Iron Throne already. Team Dany should have planned their attack while they where on the ships on the way to Westeros. Better still do your plotting from the safety of Mereen. Instead they were planning what outfits to wear.

Tyrion’s war plans all failed because his heart was never in it. He pledged himself to someone in Essos who wants to destroy his family. Sabotaging dwarf. He is the one who came up with the dreadful wight hunt idea. Which didn’t work anyway. l don’t know what will become of the Dothraki after all is said and done (I suspect a dire future for them). l hate that Cersei will live to see season 8. King’s Landing cannot be taken peacefully. There obviously needs to be fire and blood. Jon is whoring himself out to Dany. Jon has essentially replaced both Jorah and Tyrion in Dany’s life. The aunt-nephew incest is gross. They share that historical incestuous Targaryen attraction, despite not knowing they’re related. 

Tyrion is not a strategist. You can’t fool me. He was wrong about going back to Dorne to drop Ellaria off and then go to KL… they end up losing the Greyjoys and Dorne. He was wrong about Casterly Rock….. and Highgarden was sacked. He was wrong about the wight hunt….. and they lost Viserion. Basically they traded a dragon, a fire priest and the Wall for Jaime!!! Also the Unsullied had to take a huge risk to attack a castle (Casterly Rock) with a great symbolic but absolutely no strategic value. The Night King acquiring a dragon is on Tyrion and no-one else. The wight hunt was his idea and he brought it up simply because he didn’t want to get his family killed. Dany could have taken KL in a week and then she would have been free to march North, if not of his manipulations. I hate that Tyrion came up with a stupid plan to capture a wight which ended up killing a dragon, destroying the wall, and made no difference to Cersei since she still is doublecrossing everyone and not giving her help to the fight. Cersei is pure evil made of crystallised evil with evil sprinkled on top.

Everybody on Dany’s side is massively incompetent. Why didn’t they use the dragons to attack Euron. Or at the very least use them to protect her own navy? They let Euron attack Dany’s ships with impunity. No one ever thinks of using the dragons to hunt Euron down and destroy him. Use the fire-breathing, ship-destroying dragons instead of giving Euron free reign of the seas.   
I doubt if the horde of undead will reach Kings Landing. Too bad. Those white walker deniers would be petrified. A couple of castles will come under seige in the north. And possibly burnt to a crisp by zombie Viserion. Random villages will also be slaughtered. Too bad. Poor wight Hodor is in that army somewhere. Not forgetting a blue-eyed Tormund and Beric as well. The more people they kill, the more their army grows. How will Jon tackle undead giants. They are licking their desiccated lips in anticipation. So far the best war strategist is the Night King. It kind of felt like the showrunners were saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if the Night King had an ice dragon?” and not really caring how he got one.

Characters now do only things that will make the story reach the needed plot points and create “surprising” scenes. The absurd wight hunt is a prime example. So why exactly does emotionless robot Bran give a sh!t about Jon’s parentage and implications over the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?


In the end Game of Thrones was all about zombies.


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