The bitch mugabe is gone. Whoopie!

It’s a breath of fresh air. Ding-dong. The bitch is gone. I’m happy.

FINALLY!!!! Bye Mu-garbage and Gucci Grace!!!!!

Unfortunately it looks like mugabe is gonna be replaced by one of his henchmen, Mnangagwa. Motherfucker did mugabe’s dirty work in the past. The military coup paved the way for Mnangagwa to take over. We deserve better to be honest. We deserve our own Justin Trudeau. A younger face with fresh promise. The power struggle between DisGrace and Mnangagwa finally reached it’s climax. Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe. That insufferable cunt. There was singing and partying in the streets when mugabe announced his resignation with immediate effect. Oh happy day. It’s all his mad wife’s fault. Hahaha. That ugly, money grubbing, power hungry, mad hoe. Who did she think she was. Living lavishly, while we suffered. mugabe should have been booted out long ago anyways. So thanks Grace for being unhinged. 

With Mnangagwa in power l see a decline into dictatorship. He is the type of individual who will refuse to step down just like mugabe. ZANU PF (the fucking ‘ruling party’ for now) is simply bad news. A bunch of corrupt looters. This ruling party and its members are definitely corrupt and only think of themselves. The elections next year will perhaps be free and fair. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MNANGAGWA….NEEEVER. Mnangagwa will probably emerge the ‘winner’. The rigging machinery is probably in place somewhere. The army generals blatantly refused to have a president who didn’t fight in the liberation war they always drone on about. It’s all about the fucking ‘liberation war credentials’…..fucking depots. I’m rolling my eyes. So if you didn’t fight in the 1970s war, you can’t be president. Even if you win, they will steal the election from you. They have done it before. I’m embarrassed to be Zimbabwean. That’s why I’m not hopeful of Zimbabwe’s future. Mnangagwa is a lackey who served mugabe. I hate ZANU PF. They are a ugly and cruel political party.

War veterans and these generals always talk about the ‘supreme sacrifice’ they made when they liberated Zimbabwe from the British. I’m sick and tired of it. We are not beholden to them at all. The racist British were better because they were building infrastructure and the economy was on point. The generals only rose up against mugabe as he was purging war vets from positions of power. This purge was not a bad thing, but the hoe mugabe did it coz the war vets were scheming against him. To me they are all a pack of squabbling dogs….fighting for wealth…. while we suffer. Mugabe, DisGrace, the generals, ZANU PF, Mnangagwa, war veterans are ALL SUPER CORRUPT. They enjoy the spoils of power such as bank accounts, cars, houses they have accumulated since independence. 

I remember feeling hopeless when l wrote a post about what a nightmare mugabe was. I wrote it earlier this year. I never thought we would actually be rid of him. It’s surreal. Now that nightmare is over, at last. Who ever was the mastermind behind this coup is a genius. Thumbs up to them. The coup took a week to depose him. There was zero violence. The entire world can learn from Zimbabwe, not a single drop of blood was split. 

Mugabe was a embarrassment. His ass lickers made him feel invincible. They helped create this tyrant. After the mass rally, where tens of thousands of people were shouting, ‘mugabe OUT’, the following day the delusional cunt acted as if all was normal. Even making plans for a December conference. Motherfucker, no one wants you around no more. I loved the timing of his resignation, just as we were about to impeach his miserable ass. Students at the University of Zimbabwe want Gucci Grace’s ill gotten PHD in philosophy to be revoked. She got it in a record 3 months. She should leave behind all her jewels and cars and shove off. I don’t care where. BITCH!!!! I feel so relieved, happy, hopeful and excited. Bye Grace….I’m not gonna miss you, you crazy bitch.

We will no longer watch them feast every year while we starve on mugabe’s birthday. The so called 21th February movement. Bunch of nonsense. Our new independence day should be November 21th, our independence day reloaded. At the mass rally people were happy and united in a single purpose, to rid ourselves of mugabe’s trifling ass. Good riddance. His enemies came together and fucked him up. Give him a bullet to the back of his head.

I’m relieved mugabe is gone but I’m also not blind. The military was at pains to describe the takeover as anything but a coup……which it clearly is. But l have nothing against it. It was a job well done. But l do question their motives. Mnangagwa aka ‘The Crocodile’ is no different from mugabe. He was mugabe’s enforcer for years. The military staged the coup to save their own skins. It’s just one tyrant replacing another. He flipped the script on mugabe because of the long running fued he had with DisGrace. Squabbling dogs fighting for power in a shit hole called Zimbabwe. The ZANU PF old guard works overtime to protect the status quo. 

We ordinary Zimbabweans are still far away from taking power. We need free and fair elections and a return to civilian rule. The stupid military still thinks a person needs liberation credentials in order to be prez. Bullshit. That is blatant self-interest. How long can they keep this up. Assholes 😦


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