So I Voted

I went to vote today. For Chamisa. The results will be announced on the 4th of August  (too long). Chamisa should prepare for the inauguration. This is the ink ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) put on my finger to show that I voted.

It took me less then 30 minutes at the Polling Station to vote. My surname starts with a K so alphabetically I lucked out. I voted in Tent A. I didn’t take long. I placed my mark on Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance. I love how we are gonna get a young vibrant leader (not ruler) who will not bitch about fighting in the long forgotten Liberation struggle years ago. Fuck that bullshit. EDiot Mnangagwa can shove his so called war credentials up his ass. Our own generation is fighting it’s own war against our black ZanuPF colonizers. They are Satanists who would do anything to subvert the will of the people.

If EDiot wins……I’m not gonna lie……it’s gonna be a horrendous kick to the face. Basically ZanuPF lies and acts as if it’s ok for us to pick a leader we want. But as soon as they realize that they are not gonna win then BAM!! Election Rigging. ZanuPF DOES NOT WANT TO BE REMOVED FROM POWER!! I wish I didn’t live in this country. I’m tired of being subjugated by the ruling ZanuPF. They expect people to just sit back and take it.

It will be such a kick in the face if EDiot Mnangagwa somehow ‘won’. I curse every ediot rural hick that is gonna vote for him. ASSHOLES, THE LOT OF YOU!!!! I never want to hear you bitch and moan about unemployment, hunger, cash shortages, sanitation, lack of clean running water…..the list is endless. Now I know how liberals in America feel about Trump supporters. Ugh.

But I know that I did my part. Whatever happens, I did my best. I contributed my vote. Please let Chamisa win. I would hate any sort of a ‘runoff’ election.


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