Post Eletion ‘results’ 

So Chamisa has won bitches!!!!!!  If only 

Once again the ruthless ZanuPF has stolen yet another election. I’m beyond disgusted. This is a mess. And of course their cheating methods were soo kindergarten and soo blatantly obvious. I should have known ZanuPF would never allow our dear Chamisa to be President. They rigged it. ZanuPF are the lowest, repugnant whores. You can even ask a 5 year old and they will tell you that election rigging is old hat for ZanuPF. It’s a running joke here in Zimbabwe. But I’m not laughing now am I. Sob!!!

Why doesn’t ZanuPF just continue their dictatorship openly and stop wasting people’s time with bogus elections. It would be better that way…….instead of pretending to be a democracy as if the rest of the world is blind to their bullshit. They just wanted to give the rest of the world the impression of a “free and fair” election. All they did was further reinforce how sick they are. So EDiot Mnangagwa just wanted to ‘legitimize’ his dictatorship. The best thing the MDC Alliance could have done is to boycott the election.

Now EDiot is gonna be like “yes I know I stole the election but it doesn’t matter now…… it shouldn’t matter and the rest of the world should invest in Zimbabwe anyways.” It’s just a sickening amount of entitlement. This dog does not give a damn about us.

Even those who support ZanuPF know the result is a sham. But of course they don’t care as long as they ‘win.’ I’m embarrassed to be Zimbabwean. Truly. 

To the people in the US…..please take solace in the FACT that one day you will be rid of Trump and his cronies. He will pack up his shit and vacate the Oval Office and that is a undisputed fact. Most African countries like Zimbabwe will probably never enjoy such a luxury. While you enjoy a high turnover of presidents over the years, we are oppressed by despots for DECADES!!!! So take comfort from knowing that Trump will be a bad memory for you guys when the time comes. Even if you don’t manage to vote him out in 2020, in 2024 he will be gone. Trust me, that is not a small thing.


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