I hate the scrawny bitch next door

So there is this ugly little hag that lives next door. She doesn’t own the house. She rents the house….. it doesn’t belong to her. So she is a lodger  (who is probably Waaay behind on rent! lol). She stays there with her husband and kid. The house is basically a run down hovel. There is no running tap water. It’s just a 3 roomed shack which hasn’t been extended.

Anyhoodle, lets us call this problematic hag ‘Joki’, alright. So Joki got on my nerves big time one day. One day I had a ton of laundry to do. So while l was busy with my laundry little Miss Joki also started washing her filthy blankets. 

I quickly finished my laundry and left it nicely on the washing line and went back indoors. Unfortunately for me the washing line is positioned very close to the fence. So when I came out of the house 30 minutes later I got a nasty shock. Apparently Joki had decided to hang her heavy blankets on our fence…..ugh. Of course, due to her lack of  water, her blankets were ill-washed, ill-rinsed and still very much dirty. All this filthy blanket water was now drenching my clean clothing!! I just couldn’t. Joki didn’t care that the wet blankets she threw over our fence were also covering my clothing.

So the next day I just simply gathered up some old rags and permanently draped them over the top part of the fence. This was to stop Joki from using our fence as a “washing line”. Razor wire would have been better though. This was to send a message loud and clear that she is permanently forbidden from placing her laundry on our fence. Some time after that, I heard Joki in a heated exchange with some other neighbour over the ownership of the tiny washing line located between their houses. Joki was claiming it as her own but the second neighbor was having none of it lol. 

So now she is forced to reluctantly share a very short washing line with some other household. Yeah, karma is a heartless bitch. Joki also keeps chickens in her yard in 3 big cages. Most of the chicks are lost to stray cats and disease. The problem is once the surviving chicks have grown and are big enough to be eaten, thieves always swoop in. The mysterious robbers come at night and do their thing. I’m sad for poor Joki. NOT!!! 


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